Summer Staple


It’s summer, and with summer comes lots of sun, and with sun, usually comes sunburns. It’s been 4 years since I’ve cut out tanning and so I have to work extra hard to protect my lighter skin. And so I started doing some research a few years ago on big-brand sunscreens and was mortified to find out about all of the nasty chemicals that wreak havoc on our hormonal system and cause birth defects, among other awful things. So I’ve composed a little break down for you on what I have found in my own research. EWG’s Skin Deep Cosmetics Database is the greatest website to find out what is in your products. And their articles on sunscreen is where I’ve gotten most of my information. I’m not an expert, but I am very passionate about knowing what is in my everyday products and the effects it has on my body, so I do the research for reliable information.

There are two different kinds of sunscreens–chemical and mineral. While both have their cons, mineral sunscreens are far superior to chemical ones, in terms of health and sun-protection. Ingredients in chemical sunscreens get absorbed into the skin very easily and are broken down by sunlight, to which companies add more toxic chemicals to make sure the ingredients aren’t broken down. Ingredients in mineral sunscreens are not absorbed into the skin and are effective with sun-protection. Although they do contain nano-particles, despite some that have a “non-nano” label, that are potentially harmful because the particles are so small and can be inhaled, there isn’t enough evidence to suggest that they have harmful effects. The bottom line is that mineral sunscreens protect our skin very well without being broken down by the sun and all with very few health concerns, somethings that chemical sunscreens can’t boast about.

So in conclusion, Badger sunscreens are exceptional. In fact, most of their products are (I highly recommend the lip balm). It’s one of the best mineral sunscreens on the market and I used it on vacation in Silver Lake and only got a little burned on my hands (fishing in a boat, in the middle of a hot day, for hours will make your hands a bit red no how liberal you are with putting on sunscreen). Hope this is helpful! Happy sunscreening!

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