Heart Space


Lately, great positive things have been happening in my life, but I feel that I am not fully appreciating or taking in those experiences. This makes me sad and frustrated. I feel numb to the happy things in my life at the moment and wish I was fully embracing all of the love around me. Do you ever feel this way? For example, I’m graduating this semester and compared to my whole academic career I only have one tiny fraction of the journey left in order to get to the end. And for some reason I’m dreading the end of the process. I am not my usual excited self! Why is that? Granted, there have been almost as many negative experiences happening simultaneously and that may be one of the culprits for my numbness. But, nevertheless, those happy experiences, no matter how small (the small ones are usually the happiest moments for me) should never go unacknowledged. In fact, those warm, fuzzy moments will help me get through the tougher times.

 So, in an attempt to immerse myself in those fantastic experiences, I thought back to a visualization technique I learned from the wonderful therapist I saw when I was 18 years old. She told me whenever I had something great happen to me, I should imagine taking a needle and making a tiny hole in my heart. Then I take that happy moment and liquefy it and allow it to seep into that little hole, eventually filling up my entire heart space with that awesome moment. I do this as much as I can and it really helps me stay connected to the sweet things in my life. But last night I tried something new with this visualization when my boyfriend and I had a really great moment together. I poked the tiny hole in the back of my heart (I usually visualize poking the front). And wow! I was totally elated by the experience and was able to completely drink it in. It’s amazing what can happen when you direct your positive energy into a new space that you have created within yourself. It was pure joy for me.

 Have a fantastic weekend! Hope you drink in all of the awesome moments you experience.


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