Don’t Cry Over Burnt Garlic


I went to my first Ayurveda consultation the other week and am now on a mung bean soup diet (sort of). But I am cooking every one of my meals (no more delicious frozen Trader Joe’s Vegan Pizza) and I’m surprising myself at my dedication to the process. But, on Monday night, I burnt the garlic for my mung bean soup. And it really pissed me off! I mean really pissed me off. Not something to get that upset about, right? Well, you see, I had one of the worst days I’ve ever had on Monday. So burning the garlic (after getting the hang of this recipe for a week) was not something I appreciated. But when I sat down to taste my soup it wasn’t too bad, in fact, it tasted even better! I laughed then thought of how perfectly it applied to my day. It reminded me that, although my day was pretty awful, there may be another perspective to my problem that I haven’t realized yet. Maybe my burnt garlicy of a situation will somehow taste better in the long run. And the next day, oddly enough, my problem somehow got resolved in the best way possible. And even if the situation had not turned out to be ideal, at least I’d be aware of the positive within the negative. Or tasting the deliciousness within the bitter!

 Have any “burnt garlic” stories to share? I’d love to hear:)


3 thoughts on “Don’t Cry Over Burnt Garlic

  1. Hi! You’ve got a really nice blog! I was wondering, I got the feeling that you’re vegetarian (is that right?), and it would be lovely to get some recipes from you! I’m becoming a vegetarian at the moment, still in the process so I eat meat a couple times a week, but soon no more, yey! but I have this problem that all our family recipes – and those are the delicious once, not like from a cook book – include meat, and not being a fan of beans I’m somewhat lost on what to make…Would you help me out here?
    Have a wonderful day,

    • Hi Maria, thanks so much for the comment! I am actually not a vegetarian. I do eat meat but not a lot of it-mostly chicken. I know of two great blogs that I think will help you out. Gwenyth Paltrow’s blog has a lot of great recipes (they often take common recipes and make them vegetarian or at least healthier). My New Roots blog is another blog I like. She is a “whole-foods lover” so she has great vegetarian recipes. I hope those help you. A small tip I have would be to cook up some quinoa! It’s delicious, has a lot of protein and is really easy to make. It’s quickly become my go-to meal along with some stir-fried kale. My New Roots blog has a great post about quinoa. Good luck! Thanks for visiting my blog:)

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